Cluj Airport Transfer

Romania is a beautiful country, with many important cities, of which Cluj counts itself among the most prominent, with its airport receiving visitors from abroad and from all around Romania, visitors who will be thrilled by our new Cluj Airport Transfer.

Meant to offer a superior alternative to the taxi service, Cluj Airport Transfer offers you an annually renewed car fleet and a team of experienced drivers that will drive you in safety and comfort from Cluj Airport to your address in Cluj or in the surrounding area.

Cluj Airport Transfer

The advantages of Cluj Airport Transfer are numerous, but if we were to list just a few, maybe the main one would be that you can book your transport so easily, both on a short distance or on very long national distances – as compared to a regular taxi or to being forced to switch trains and busses and cabs to reach your destination

With no stops and no hidden taxes, we will transport you at a fixed price and in the best conditions from the airport to your destination, or return, from your destination to the airport. The hour does not matter and bookings are only paid the moment we come to pick you up, so you do not need to worry for having to pay in advance.

Apart from the fact that the price is fixed and confirmed before the transfer is done, this quote is final, including VAT and all taxes. Moreover, you will be greeted at the airport by a driver and then transported in the best conditions of comfort at your address.

Booking through the online form online are completed on the internet in just a few minutes, and the confirmation is sent by email.

Either you travel on a short distance, from the airport to Cluj, or on a considerable distance, Auto Car Hire Romania would like to make you an excellent offer of Cluj Airport Transfer. Book online today!