Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer

Braila is a beautiful city and an appealing destination for countless visitors, as well as for those that live abroad and are returning home for the holidays; for all of them and for any other person who is interested, we warmly recommend Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer.

The new transport option is especially meant to offer clients an excellent alternative to the simple taxi or bus services from the airport. Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer offers you the chance to enjoy an elegant, comfortable and personalized service for you and your family or the group you are travelling with.

Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer

A first advantage of this Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer is that you are in full control with regards to the price of the transfer, which is not the case with regular taxi services. By booking with Auto Car Hire: Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer, the price is confirmed in advance, the car we use is premium class, the best vehicles in our fleet being used for transfers.

Another benefit is related to the fact that, by booking with us, you have the guarantee of a driver and car waiting for you at any hour, ready to pick you up from your address to transport you in safety and comfort to your destination.

Are you worried that you may arrive at the airport late at night, with no way of getting from Bucharest home to Braila? Now you have to suffer no more stress, nor must you mobilize your family and friends asking them to take you to the airport.

You can arrange for an Otopeni Airport Braila Transfer and if you must return to the airport in a few days, after a Romanian vacation, you can also count on us. By booking in advance through the Internet, you can control the availability and the route, so do not hesitate!

The distance Otopeni – Braila: 235 km, estimated time: 3 hours.