Otopeni Airport Brasov Transfer

Forever in full season, Brasov is a beautiful mountainous city which attracts thousands of tourists every day, many of whom land at Otopeni Airport before starting their vacation in the mountain. Otopeni Airport Brasov Transfer is meant for these people, as well as to anybody interested in an easy, efficient and innovative transport solution.

This transport option, meant both for people who travel extensively and for occasional tourists who need a transfer from the airport or from another location in the country, presents numerous advantages. which are well worth considering.

Otopeni Airport Brasov Transfer

Compared to a regular taxi service, Otopeni Airport Brasov Transfer offers you the possibility to have full control over the price of the transfer, which is fixed and confirmed once the online booking is confirmed.

Also, transfers are meant to offer transportation on very long distances, as well as on relatively short distances, which is a far safer option than a taxi or public transport, which oblige you to make stops or switch vehicles.

On the other hand, if you book with Auto Car Hire Romania Otopeni Airport Brasov Transfer, you will have a driver and a high class car at your disposal only for yourself or for you and your group or family. Our fleet is annually renewed and our best vehicles are used for transfers.

You can also book the return transfer with us, as our services offer the possibility of a return transfer.

Otopeni Airport Brasov Transfer, the most competitive airport transfer service available at this moment, represents the transport solution of the future, already extremely popular everywhere abroad. Do not hesitate to try out these new services with us.

The distance Otopeni – Brasov: 155 km, estimated time: 2 hours 11 minutes.