Otopeni Airport Ploiesti Transfer

If the town of Caragiale and of the Chestnuts Boulevard is home to you, after landing at the airport of Bucharest, you will find our Otopeni Airport Ploiesti Transfer services very useful.

If you should need transportation from the Otopeni Airport to your address, you will find this new solution of Otopeni Airport Ploiesti Transfer as both ingenious and practical. The difference between a regular taxi service and our Auto Car Hire transfer service is that we allow you to create your own route, the cars we use for transfers are Premium class, and the price is fixed: it is confirmed before departure, ever since the confirmation of the reservation, and it is more convenient than a regular taxi service, which may not offer you the certainty that you will be picked up from whatever address at whatever hour.

Otopeni Airport Ploiesti Transfer

Otopeni Airport Ploiesti Transfer presents countless advantages. Firstly, we suggest a safe, elegant and comfortable transport service. You will always have the guarantee of a premium class car, as well as that of a driver to take you from the airport to Ploiesti or to whatever other destination in the country.

Secondly, you may also book the return transfer, from your address to the airport. This can be done online, at the time when you book the first transfer.

Thirdly, the booking process in itself is very easy. We only require some basic information and in the shortest time, you will receive the confirmation email certifying you have a transfer booked for the date and time requested. You need not worry about transport anymore and you need not bother anybody else in the family to come pick you up from the airport.

Otopeni Airport Ploiesti Transfer is an ideal transport option, one that will help you save time, money and avoid any stress. So do not hesitate and book today.

The distance Otopeni – Ploiesti: 45 km, estimated time: 40 minutes.