Terms and Conditions

The information presented here is a summary of Auto Car Hire Romania rent a car terms and conditions.

Online Booking
After the online booking, the customer receives from our Booking Department confirmation by e-mail regarding availability of the selected car class.
In order to make a final booking the customer must confirm the booking by e-mail.
Reservations will only be confirmed for a car class, not for a specific type/make model of the vehicle.
Your card will not be charged at this time. The total cost will be charged at the rental agency.

Amending a booking
The price guaranteed relates to the location/car class and date/time details selected. Once confirmed, any amendments to the reservation may affect the price and / or availability of the car. If you need to change or cancel your reservation please send your request via e-mail to info@autocarhire.ro and specify your reservation number.

Age and driving license requirements
The minimum age is 21 years for all car classes.
The main driver and additional drivers must hold a valid driving license for a minimum of 1 year.
Copy of driver’s license, expired driver’s license or temporary driving allowances are not accepted.

Additional Driver
The drivers mentioned in the contract are the only persons allowed to drive the rented vehicle.
Additional driver has the same obligations as the main driver.
There is no additional charge for an additional driver.

Documents to present when picking up the car
The following documents must be presented by the main driver:
– identity card or passport
– valid driving license held for a minimum of 1 year
– approved charge/credit cards
– if necessary checks are required, you may be asked to present additional documentation (return flight ticket, hotel booking confirmation, etc.)

The Customer pays in full, upon signing of the contract, the rental (of the car and the additional equipment), optional insurances and any additional fees.
The main driver must own a valid credit card from a major credit card company. Credit card details will be taken at time of rental
Accepted credit/charge cards: American Express, MasterCard/Eurocard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro.

Prices do no include: fuel costs, fines received for violating traffic rules on public roads and all the costs resulting from the action of local authorities towards the vehicle which is the subject of this Agreement, during the rental. The full payment of these amounts falls under the Customer’s responsibility.

Car delivery and return

The Delivery and Return of the vehicle shall be made at the place, date and time agreed upon by both Customer and Auto Car Hire Romania.
The delivery and return service is “on request” and it depends on the availability of the Auto Car Hire Romania personnel from the rental office. Delivery and collection requests must be sent with at least 24 hours in advance. The cars can be delivered during opening hours (Monday – Friday 09:00 – 18:00)
In cities where Auto Car Hire Romania rent a car office exist car delivery and return is free of charge to / from any address within city limits.

Border crossing
Rental cars are not allowed to cross Romania’s borders.

Other Charges

Young Drivers
When the renter and/or the additional driver is between the ages of 21 and 25, double coverage charges and non-waivable excess will apply.

Out of hours rentals
At some locations, it may be possible to pick-up or return your car outside of opening hours.
A charge will apply.

Amended return fee
A fee is charged to the customer who returns the vehicle to a location other than that specified at check-out. One way fee (if applicable) will also be charged.

One way rentals
Auto Car Hire Romania offers one way rentals between all cities where an Auto Car Hire Romania office is available. Please consult with the Auto Car Hire Romania office to determine if a one way rental is possible. Certain restrictions may apply. A one way fee will apply.

Additional equipment
When you make the booking please inform us of which additional equipment you would like.
For your comfort and security, we can provide, at an extra charge, the following additional equipment:

Child safety seat
Snow chains
Navigation system
Ski roof box
Chauffeur Drive

In case of damage/deterioration the customer agrees to pay the cost of the rented additional equipment.

Other surcharges:
– lost key or car documents: 100 EUR per item.
– excessive dirt inside/outside the vehicle or stained upholstery: 50 EUR
– loss or damage of registration plates: 50 EUR

Returning the vehicle

The return of the vehicle with a delay up to 3 hours from the time mentioned in the Agreement will not determine additional taxes if it is announced 12 hours prior to the contractual deadline to return the vehicle. For an announced delay of more than 3 hours, there will be an additional fee equivalent to one day of rental.
Not announcing the delay leads to the levying of tariffs for the announced delays plus an extra charge of 5 EUR for each hour of delay up to the return of the vehicle.

Auto Car Hire Romania provides you the car with a full tank at the beginning of the rental.
We advise you to fill up the tank prior to returning the vehicle.
Otherwise, the missing fuel will be charged at the Auto Car Hire Romania applicable price at time of return of the vehicle.

The customer /authorized driver is covered by third party liability in the event of an accident. However, the renter may be held responsible, according to the Romanian regulation for damages which cannot be covered by TPL insurance. The renter is liable for car damage and theft of the rented vehicle, within the limits of a maximum amount.
You can check which insurances are included in your rental price at the time of booking or when you reach the rental location. For details on excesses and insurances, please check below:

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Accepted CDW reduces, irrespective of fault, renter’s financial responsibility to the non – waivable amount for loss of or damage to the vehicle and its parts or accessories, except theft or vandalism.
Regardless of whether CDW has been accepted or not, the renter is liable for full repair of the damage, if they have been caused by:
*driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
* If the renter didn’t stop after an accident and didn’t take the necessary actions, e.g. notifying the Police, obtaining names and addresses of parties and witnesses involved;
*Use for illicit /illegal purposes, e.g. smuggling, theft, illegal transport of items or goods, etc.
*Driving whilst overloaded, over the speed limit permitted according to the vehicle’s Circulation Permit;
*Driving by unauthorized persons, i.e. under the age-restriction, not declared and written on the Rental Agreement.
*Driving the vehicle off roads, mountains, etc.
* Using the vehicle for any kind of races or competitions;
* Violation of: traffic lights, STOP sign, speed limit, entering in the opposite direction line, driving opposite in a One Way road;
* Damages to the engine compartment, to the wheels, tires and to the interior space of the vehicle, undercarriage damages;

Theft Protection (TP)
Accepted TP relieves renter financial responsibility for loss of or damage to the rented vehicle by or following theft or attempted theft.

Both CDW and TP condition are applicable only if police protocol / accident report are presented. If not, renter will be responsible even if accepted CDW and TP for all damages to the rented vehicle.

Renter’s Liability
With CDW and TP cover, renter’s responsibility, irrespective of fault, in case of damages or loss of the rented car or parts of it, is reduced to 500 EUR for groups A,  B, C, C2 , D and D2 ; 600 EUR for groups  E and F, 800 EUR for groups G, G2 and  L1 and 900 EUR for groups L and V.

Please note that the insurances do not cover loss, theft or destruction of property belonging to the Customer or his companions, found in the vehicle.

Super Cover (SCDW)
To avoid any financial responsibility in case of theft or damage of the rented vehicle, ask for the Super Cover option at the Auto Car Hire Romania office when you pick-up the car.

Procedure will be advised at check-out.

All above mentioned rates includes VAT